The secret to your child’s past, present, and future!

We understand that just like your child is new to the world, you are new to the parenting world too! We provide you with the solution to being better parents. It is not about giving you the solution to your problems, it is about teaching you techniques, persistence, and understanding your child so you can give them the right advice at the right time!

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Mentoring your parenting approach!

Being in the business of mentoring and understanding child psychology for a decade now, we understand how parenting is. Parenting can be quite tricky for young parents. Just like every mind is different, every child is different as well. However, we have the key to some basic tips to understand and hear your child better.

To make the world a better place and emphasize the fact that children are the future, we provide services that help parents become better and more open parents. We believe that you are as new to the world as your child and you both need some guidance to move forward.

Kevin Nii

CEO Thriving Kids Bay Area

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Cognitive Behavioral counseling for children

With a vast experience of 10 years in the field and as a mentor, we help make a difference by understanding child behavior and counseling them to make a difference.

  • Trauma Specialization

    Special services for children who have undergone traumas.

  • Emotional Counseling

    For the general wellbeing of children’s mental health.

  • ADHD

    Catering to children with ADHD and helping them cope in life.

  • Behavioral Counseling

    For naturally hyperactive and aggressive children to manage their behavior.

Take the first step towards your child’s mental health through us and through YOU!

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We offer a wide range of programs ranging from parents’ counselling to children’s psychology. Check out and select the service for you.

  • Special Mental Needs
    For children who have special mental needs like ADHD, autism, or even who are relevantly slow at learning, we provide approaches and solutions to help children deal with these stresses.
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  • Parent Parenting
    Just like the world is new to a child, you as a parent are new to the world of parenting as well. We understand your confusion and mental stats too! This is why we focus on counseling parents to help them understand their children better and help them communicate with them most effectively and fruitfully.
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  • Child Trauma Specialization
    Broken homes, bullying, or any other incident that can traumatize a child’s mind should be catered to. Our team of professionals detangle the thoughts in the child’s mind and help give them methods to cope with these traumas.
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  • Trauma Specialists
    We understand the traumas a child can go through as they grow up. Our specialist cater to children that may have gone through troubles and caters to their psychological needs.
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  • Child Anxiety
    We understand that anxiety is not only because of a trauma or otherwise. It is the most common mental health hindrance. We cater to solutions to help manage anxiety in the smartest way possible.
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  • Social Development
    We help deal with social behavior and understand children so that they can manage their social and peer development and create a better society by being a part of it.
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  • Therapeutic Parenting
    More often than usual, parents lose the line of being themselves and a parent. We help guide parents on parenting techniques to understand their children better.
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  • Nonviolence Training
    Non Violence training programs are especially for parents whose children show signs of aggression and violence and how they can tackle it in a respectful way.
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